Tom Wragg Photography | Waves, big and small – a week in West Cornwall
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Waves, big and small – a week in West Cornwall

We (being my long suffering wife, Leanne and I) finally got a holiday in this crazy fucking year. Having already written off our planned trip to Portugal in June and with the news coverage talking up a second wave of COVID-19, we weren’t sure it would happen at all this year. But it did and it was a good ‘un.

We headed down a day early via a night in the camper van to catch the good surf that was forecast by the ever reliable (not) Magic Seaweed. It turned out the forecast was correct on quality but, to my eye, slightly underestimated on wave size. I’m pretty sure there were some 6-7ft sets coming through which is right at the limit of my comfort zone!

A pretty heavy storm came through in the later half of the week making surfing out of the question near us for all but a few legit psychos. I love surfing but not enough to paddle out in 7-8ft swell with a 30mph plus howling onshore wind!

In short, a fantastic week with much needed family time, good food, wine, hiking, surfing and a few frames of golden hour at Praa Sands (pronounced “pray” I’m reliably assured).

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